Friday, 29 July 2016

grocery shop

I've never done a post like this before, but I had to do a food shop for myself this weekend and thought it'd be cool to document it for future reference, especially because I just went into the store without a plan and just went with it. This was mostly due to that I was in a big hurry because I had to go to the toilette so bad, sorry if this was TMI, haha.

Basically I got myself things that I knew I would like. Things that were healthy, semi-healthy and things I knew I would enjoy and that I wanted as a treat – because duh. Salmon&chicken as meat. Cheese&Greek Yogurt. Vegetables&Basil. and chocolate&icecream.

Also, obviously I bought a paper bag (forgot my canvas bags at home) because we have to be a part of the save the planet generation – not the used too much plastic generation.

It's funny because I am not used to shopping for only myself in Finland, whereas back in England I have a got to shopping list. Anyway this is what my hands naturally grabbed on to.


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