Tuesday, 26 July 2016

after work

I have no idea if the blogging will pick up again or not. But for now – I feel inspired.

It has been a rough couple of days if I am honest. I've had a seven-day-streak at work and was the guy on call this weekend as well (with a sneaky long-day on saturday too...) and the hospital almost crumbled. I kid you not. It was almost a perfect storm, where everything that could have gone wrong – went wrong. Luckily people stepped up at work and we pulled through and now I finally have one day off, before it's back on the horse again. yay. *sense the sarcasm*

what really pulled me through was that my bestie Karin hungout with me after work and really made me take my mind of it all. we went blueberry picking on saturday too and these photos are from last night. We had dinner; chicken, courgette & homemade salsa sallad and coconut&chocolate ice-cream for dessert. my diet has been going down the toilet over the past two weeks. but eh what can you do? and sometimes you just need a treat haha

anyway just makes you quite grateful to have friends to lean on during trying times. I'm literally counting the days until work ends. 48 days. ask me anytime. I'll be VERY aware.

Karin also whipped up this refreshing non-alcoholic summer drink. The recipe is dirt easy, but I've shared her ingredients below!