Sunday, 24 January 2016

les Alpes françaises

So a couple of weekends ago I made a short flight but long journey over to the Alps to vist my partner in crime. I have never been to the Alps before and the only time I have ever seen them is from an airplane or in movies, which may I just say does not do them their justice. I was blown away by the beauty and the majesticness (not a real word but it should be), and the weather was absolutely miserable when I was there, and it was still breath taking! I definitely understand what the hype is about now. I was however very ill during my little weekend getaway, not cool, but it did mean that I now have my cupboards filled with french flu remedies, haha, because I was not going to let my flu get in the way of my fabulous trip. The purpose of the trip was to hangout with my bestie, saw her last in August, but we did get up to a lot, strolling around the charming town of Chamonix, and their Saturday market, amazing french food (and Chinese haha) and a little bit of shopping. Also turned out that I had not packed appropriate clothing with me. Mostly 'cause I do not have appropriate attire to wear in the Alps haha, or if I did it is all up in Finland and not with me in Brighton, thankfully though I got to borrow boots and a jacket. Also can I just add that I loved the atmosphere up there. People travel and gather at the Alps not just to eat amazing food and see amazing nature, but people come there because of their love of skiing. Sure people enjoy their after ski parties (we sure did haha), but the real fact is that people come to workout which promotes a healthy life and I am all up for that. 


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