Sunday, 31 July 2016

a day off work

This weekend I'm off work and dog-sitting slash house-sitting my best friend's dog, so thankfully my daily routine got switched up for a while. Yesterday was a day where really I had nothing special to do and was just for me and the dog. We woke up and went out for our morning stroll, prepared breakfast and had it out on the terrace. The weather was amazing. Then after my bodypump class around midday I took the dog to the beach east side and we had a long walk around the nature there. Then some tanning, swimming and practising my front crawl, dinner and netflix. It was pretty much a perfect day. Probably what I'd describe as an ideal day. Sounds so perfect you want to puke right? 


Friday, 29 July 2016

friday night in

I really enjoy these kind of friday nights in. And by "these" I mean those where you just kind of do nothing but relax and hang. Afterwork I did my groceries, took the dog that I am babysitting this weekend out for a nice two hour stroll, jumped into the water to practise my front crawl swim, prepared dinner&dessert, worked on the blog, binge watched NETFLIX and took the dog out again. Now I am just laying here watching 24, exhausted, before I'm going to jump into bed and sleep, with the whole weekend off work. Living the dream right? 

(ps. Anna if you're reading this – sorry I borrowed your hoodie. I got really cold)


grocery shop

I've never done a post like this before, but I had to do a food shop for myself this weekend and thought it'd be cool to document it for future reference, especially because I just went into the store without a plan and just went with it. This was mostly due to that I was in a big hurry because I had to go to the toilette so bad, sorry if this was TMI, haha.

Basically I got myself things that I knew I would like. Things that were healthy, semi-healthy and things I knew I would enjoy and that I wanted as a treat – because duh. Salmon&chicken as meat. Cheese&Greek Yogurt. Vegetables&Basil. and chocolate&icecream.

Also, obviously I bought a paper bag (forgot my canvas bags at home) because we have to be a part of the save the planet generation – not the used too much plastic generation.

It's funny because I am not used to shopping for only myself in Finland, whereas back in England I have a got to shopping list. Anyway this is what my hands naturally grabbed on to.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

after work

I have no idea if the blogging will pick up again or not. But for now – I feel inspired.

It has been a rough couple of days if I am honest. I've had a seven-day-streak at work and was the guy on call this weekend as well (with a sneaky long-day on saturday too...) and the hospital almost crumbled. I kid you not. It was almost a perfect storm, where everything that could have gone wrong – went wrong. Luckily people stepped up at work and we pulled through and now I finally have one day off, before it's back on the horse again. yay. *sense the sarcasm*

what really pulled me through was that my bestie Karin hungout with me after work and really made me take my mind of it all. we went blueberry picking on saturday too and these photos are from last night. We had dinner; chicken, courgette & homemade salsa sallad and coconut&chocolate ice-cream for dessert. my diet has been going down the toilet over the past two weeks. but eh what can you do? and sometimes you just need a treat haha

anyway just makes you quite grateful to have friends to lean on during trying times. I'm literally counting the days until work ends. 48 days. ask me anytime. I'll be VERY aware.

Karin also whipped up this refreshing non-alcoholic summer drink. The recipe is dirt easy, but I've shared her ingredients below!


ah midsummer this year was so relaxing. I am telling you - I had not felt that relaxed in probably a year. I had three consecutive days off from work (hallelujahh) and me and ma girls drove out to prime finnish countryside for some quality r&r. We had a delish BBQ on midsummer eve and hung out a lot by the pier, reading, sun bathing and paddleboarding – oh and let's not forget all the rowing, haha. I also managed to fall off the board once, just once I promise.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016


So I moved to Brighton, a short short train-ride away from London. However during my first year at university I only made it up to this amazing city twice. These photos are from when I went up for the second time to visit my flatmate Rhian and her family during the Easter holiday. We did a lot of fun stuff, one day we roamed around in Wimbledon, another we took a trip to Ikea and we also did a full on London Town Day. We went on a tour by St Paul's Church (also made it inside!), visited the Natural History Museum (the New York one is better - sorry!), walked through China town, and Convent Garden and so much more. Ahh London is amazing. Can't wait to go back and see more.