Thursday, 2 July 2015


A couple weeks back me and my besties took a cruise over the Baltic Sea to see how the better half lives haha, joking joking, no but seriously Stockholm is A M A Z I N G. I could totally see myself living there! So it turned out Åsa had a giftcard for a free cruise so naturally we took advantage of it and spent a few hours shopping and walking around Stockholm. We payed visits in Sephora, Åhlens, Nordiska Kompaniet, Monki, Stadium, River Island, the list goes on. It was the monday after the royal wedding of the his Royal Highness the Swedish Prince, so when we walked past the castle they still hadn't rolled away the redcarpet or taken down the beautiful wedding flowers! (The colour scheme though? haha no offense) I didn't buy a lot, but I still did a mini haul (the last four photos). I got a few sephora masks because I've heard they are amazing. (I tried the eye masks already and yes they are life changing, haha, maybe I slightly exaggerate but it's really good!) A summer top from Hollister (I know...but it was pretty! so that justify's the buy right?) and my favourite thing of them all!!! The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Colour in the shade Amethyst. Which I am obsessed with. I've been longing to try a few of products from Laura Mercier, and Fleur De Force had recommended this shade so naturally once in Stockholm I had to go check it out. Sadly Laura Mercier isn't stocked anywhere in Finland... Overall Sweden stocks a hell of a lot more make up brands than Finland, I was in make up lover heaven.


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