Wednesday, 7 January 2015

the Czech Republic

 A couple weeks ago, more like months by now, I travelled all the way to the Czech Republic to visit my friend Nikita who recently moved there to study medicine!!! Yes I know super cool, she is becoming a doctor! How awesome isn't that? I had a great time there meeting all her friends, seeing the country (with our mini day trip to Prague!!), eating out and partying. Can I just say that in the Czech Republic you can get dinner, drinks and desert and it will cost you ONLY 15€ in a normal restaurant. I was mind blown when we converted the sum into euros, FIFTEEN! Here at home I'd only get some sad pasta with water for 15€...Oh and the weather was okay when I was there, it was perfect running weather and I loved that the place was so hilly, really worked those glutes. Plus the day we travelled to Prague we walked over 17K (thank you IOS8, haha). I liked the Czech Republic, it had its own wibe and the people were a bit special, but once you understand their attitude it in a way becomes admirable. But don't expect people to understand a word of what you say, haha


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