Wednesday, 7 January 2015


While I was in Brno, CZE visiting my friend Nikita I received a very exciting email, although at the time I was a tad too stressed to be overly excited about it. You see I had just finished my med school application and dealt with taking the UKCAT and the BMAT (medical admissions tests) and was finally on a holiday, on a break from all that aaand then I received an invitation for an interview at Plymouth Univeristy to study medicine. So when I got back home I talked to my boss and managed my work so that by the end of November I sat on a plane on my way to London Heathrow. Now how amazing is that. Once I landed in London I took the train to Plymouth and checked in to my hotel there, went for a run, bought my self some dinner and headed back to the hotel to start prep for my interview. Yes, I prepped only the night before. I know terrible terrible decision, BUT just before christmas I got the best email of my life, namely I got a conditional offer to study medicine at Plymouth University! I can't believe, now all I have to do is nail my finals in May(retaking Biology, Chemistry and Maths) and then I'll be moving to England this fall. Fingercrossed. Anyway back to my trip...

After my interview I took the train back to London, checked into my hotel there and made my way to oxford street. Only someone did not inform me of the fact that for the first time ever England had decided to organise a black friday shopping stravaganza. I have seriously never seen so many people at once in so many difference shops and gosh yes in conclusion a lot of people. I did manage to get some shopping done though, mostly make up, what else, haha. Soon the magical and stressful three day so to say vacation ended and there I sat again on a plane back to Helsinki. Hoping that one day I would make that journey back starting my studies. Now I just have to study until I break. Anyway in conclusion London and Plymouth was amazing.



  1. Woohooo amazing, congratz Michelle!

  2. VI HÅLLER TUMMARNA!!!! ja trodde du hade sluta blogga :D

    1. Jepp de gör vi!!! och älä trodde nästan de själv, haha ha vari lite busy/lat wott