Thursday, 2 July 2015


A couple weeks back me and my besties took a cruise over the Baltic Sea to see how the better half lives haha, joking joking, no but seriously Stockholm is A M A Z I N G. I could totally see myself living there! So it turned out Åsa had a giftcard for a free cruise so naturally we took advantage of it and spent a few hours shopping and walking around Stockholm. We payed visits in Sephora, Åhlens, Nordiska Kompaniet, Monki, Stadium, River Island, the list goes on. It was the monday after the royal wedding of the his Royal Highness the Swedish Prince, so when we walked past the castle they still hadn't rolled away the redcarpet or taken down the beautiful wedding flowers! (The colour scheme though? haha no offense) I didn't buy a lot, but I still did a mini haul (the last four photos). I got a few sephora masks because I've heard they are amazing. (I tried the eye masks already and yes they are life changing, haha, maybe I slightly exaggerate but it's really good!) A summer top from Hollister (I know...but it was pretty! so that justify's the buy right?) and my favourite thing of them all!!! The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Colour in the shade Amethyst. Which I am obsessed with. I've been longing to try a few of products from Laura Mercier, and Fleur De Force had recommended this shade so naturally once in Stockholm I had to go check it out. Sadly Laura Mercier isn't stocked anywhere in Finland... Overall Sweden stocks a hell of a lot more make up brands than Finland, I was in make up lover heaven.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

National Treasures

A couple weeks ago my friend Anna asked me if I wanted to join her and her adorable toy poodle Lurvas and go hiking to this amazing national park about an hour away. This being Finland the weather was kind of crap. It's June, like summer please arrive soon. It was a bit cold and we experienced drizzles of rain, but nothing we couldn't handle. It was a lot of fun and made a such great day! Like we spent hours outdoors, explored somewhere new and got some exercise down. Go us!


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Boston & New York City

I feel like these photographs are so random, they're only in chronological order, otherwise very random, haha, anyway what do I say? In febuary 2015 I flew far far away to visit my bestie Anna, who moved there for university (how cool is that!?) Never had I ever been to the states before, so you could say I was excited, haha however, there were bumps on the road, I've actually never experienced so many problems on one trip before. My bank cards were acting up, so was my camera, I injured my ankle AND wrist (so I waddled like a penguin and couldn't even send text messages haha) and on top of my injuries I got sick, like fever and all. Nevertheless, it was an amazing trip and I had the bestest time with Anna. 

Oh just to clear things up, she lives in Boston and we took a long weekend to New York, so that's why I went to two cities. Also I took almost no photos in Boston 'cause that's where I was sick/injured and I just spent time hanging and chilling with my bestie whilst New York was kind of the tourist vacation part. WHICH BY THE WAY, was AMAZING. I mean I though NYC was hyped, because almost everyone says it is amazing, so I went there with moderate expectation and oh boy, I fell in love, it was amazing, it literally was like a different world with another time, I can't explain it, but I definitely want to live there for some time of my life. In Boston we took time to shop on Newbury Street, walk around Cambridge (where Harvard is!!), meet her friends and explore the campus!

We took the greyhound bus from Boston to NYC and we stayed at the Mariott Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park hotel, which had an amazing room with amazing views (!!) for a reasonable price, I believe we booked it 2-3 months before our trip. The breakfast was alright but nothing extra. On our first night we walked to Times Square and took some photos, did some shopping, went to the DISNEY store! and had great Chinese food in a restaurant called Ruby Foo's. It was freezing though. Our whole trip was. It was sunny sure (most of the time, snow storms were experienced as well...which made a 4 hour bus ride 7 hours, I was so not happy about that, haha) but I swear it was around -15 degrees celsius everyday. 

On our whole first day in New York, we slept in a little bit, had pancakes in a diner styled restaurant that weren't great to be honest, I think I prefer our Finnish pancakes over americans, and then we took the subway down to the Brooklyn Bridge, also some guy asked us if we wanted to go smoke some weed with him before we even got on the subway, haha, people of all walks of life right? Anyway we would have loved to walk around in Brooklyn, but it was just too cold and windy, so we took safe house into a Starbucks where a woman complemented us on the beautiful language we were speaking (Swedish) haha, after some hot chocolate we marched our way through China Town, walking past Little Italy into SOHO. All the while I was complaining from all the walking, haha, my foot was no fun to deal with, also jet lag sucks. Anyway, SOHO was amazing, the shopping there was amazing and so so so diverse! You had everything from Dash, to Brandy Melville, to Katy Spade, TOPSHOP, Under armour, Adidas, Prada, And Other Stories, Footlocker, Michael Kors seriously everything. So we spent the rest of our day there, shopping until everything closed and it got dark. And then we had dinner at this AMAZING tapas restaurant, Boqueria, that had been recommended to us by Anna's friends, there was a little wait to get a table, it was a Friday after all and we didn't have a reservation, but oh it was so worth it and the food was amazing.

On the Saturday we went to Rockefeller Center (we debated going to the Empire State Building, but Anna had already been there once and the cool thing about On Top Of The Rock is that you get the Empire State building in your pictures, also less people) and the view from the top was amazing! There was a couple getting married there when we got there haha, and after the view we had another shopping day, this time on the legendary 5th Avenue. New York is seriously no joke. There is serious shopping to be done in this city. We didn't go into so many different shops, but instead spent a fair amount of time in the shops we did enter instead. We went to Nike Town, Henri Bendel (where I bought my monogrammed baby!!), Abercrombie&Fitch, Ted Baker, Godiva, Free People and some other stores as well that I can't remember, haha. Also sometimes (all the time) we had to walk into shops to warm ourselves because it was so cold... Anyway we had a late lunch/early dinner at, yes again AMAZING, Lebanese restaurant called Ilili. The food was just divine! And after all our shopping we lastly peaked into the HUGE and very crowded Victoria's Secret in Midtown West. Then we had to hurry because we were going to a musical on Broadway! More specifically The Lion King, which again was pricy, but so worth it. My eyes were filled with tears when the first tunes of The Circle of Life started playing.

Then on our last day in New York, the snow storm arrived. It was horrible. Snowing in New York, not very nice. We did however stay inside, most of the time, because we visited the National History Museum. It was very fascinating, and we were most excited to see the mummies (which the museum doesn't carry, damn you Night At the Museum for fooling us...) but there were a lot of cool stuff to see. I however started catching my cold, so I basically just walked from room to room looking for benches to sit on, haha. Then we had some pizza before we had to go back to the hotel and head for our bus back to Boston. We only spent three nights in New York, and saw a lot, but there is so much more left to see and I can't wait to go back. 

This is definitely the longest post I've ever written, but I thought I should get it all down when I still remember the whole trip.