Thursday, 10 July 2014

Barcelona 2014

I feel this video is a bit different from my other videos, mainly because I didn't bring my camera everywhere we went because I was afraid of it being stolen or breaking it, haha, anyway this is what I managed to scrape together from my trip to Barcelona the other week! Enjoy! Still working on a longer blogpost about our trip!


Monday, 2 June 2014

The Little Red One

whoa all I'm saying is that it would have been so much easier to graduate when everyone else did, because then I would have had a less stressful saturday, haha...My day started early in the morning by taking the bus to Porvoo to give my congratulations to my cousin and pick up my sweet ride for the day, hehe, which totally crowned the whole day by the way, haha, and I drove back down to Helsinki, got ready and did my first round at Åsa's, then hopped into the car and drove east again to Alexandra, toasted her amazing success (!!!) Back in the car again, picked up Karin and went to my childhood friends party and then I drove off to Jollas to Emmas party, toasted her success and mingled and then hopped into the car, again, bunch of quickes really, then back to Åsa's again, toasted to her success and dropped her off to head out into the night for her big celebrations! By now I could finally ditch my sweet ride and head back to Jollas to see my friends and sip on a glass of champagne (or two or three, haha) Since it was physically impossible for me to visit all the parties I originally planned to attend or make an appearance at, I decided to head out into town and was able to congratulate a couple more souls. Overall it was a super stressed day, followed by a minute programme really, but it was so much fun in the end, totally worth the minor headache this morning, hehe, I am so incredibly proud of everyone and can't wait to graduate myself in August (fingers crossed), and now I have a whole summer to look forward too, no school anymore #toocoolforschool, but still dreading results day in July... yikes! Congratulations to everyone who earned their white hats this year! Skål!


P.S. Photos of my sweet ride for the day  can be seen below, haha, I've been driving our automatic car basically since I got my license, so it would be an understatement to say that driving this slightly older (note the sarcasm) car was challenging for me, but hey I'm still alive and breathing and didn't scratch the car so yay me, haha...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hey Brother

I got to a bit of thinking today and I know I haven't really been posting any blogposts lately, but I got this idea. It might be completely stupid and irrelevant, but fact is that I live in a household dominated by males, to be more specific my two teenage brothers and my father, and it hit me that this has to have taught me something, because a lot of my friends have only grown up solemnly around girls, and so I decided to write down a list of things that I have learnt, or at least try to make a list of the things I have learnt. I don't know if I'll end up with one or two things, which is sad, because I have to have learnt something haha, and maybe you didn't understand anything of what I just wrote, but anyway here goes nothing:

  1. The first thing I have learnt is definitely that some men genuinely do not understand the joy of shopping and looking around for new clothes.
  2. ...and that even though I have taken time to help them shop, because god forbid without me they might get arrested by the fashion police, not to take it personally when all I receive is complaints instead of thank you so much for taking your time to make me look fabulous.
  3. Football rules...and any other show is recorded. (This was before internet)
  4. What offside in football is.
  5. What Icing in ice-hockey is.
  6. Not to take it personally when people do not want to taste my cooking & baking.
  7. Not to take it personally when people criticise my cooking & baking and claim that it tastes like shit.
  8. Not to take it personally when people say that I look like a fat pig. 
  9. Not to take it personally when they do not understand the sense of fashion of this decade and criticise my carefully selected choices (e.g. my little brother openly confessed he didn't like my vanhat/prom dress)
  10. That I, my friend, am shit at saving money and that my brothers somehow are geniuses. 
  11. That hugging my 13 year old brother is one of the best things ever since annoys the hell out of him and that he does everything in his power to avoid it.
  12. Having them around also lets me be the shortest person in the room. #finally
  13. That men can be stubborn as hell.
  14. Sometimes they also just need to cool down and be left alone.
  15. Oh and that men are capable of putting down the toilet seat.
  16. Not to take it personally when they get annoyed when asked to do the tiniest favour.
  17. Not to take it personally when they do not show up to the most important event of my life, also known as running my first marathon, and they didn't show up to cheer me on because it was raining. bastards.
  18. Not being a poor loser, because jeezz I've seen some crazy shit.
  19. That sometimes they pull through against all odds.
  20. And lastly that even though they don't tell me I know they love me.

There. The list does go on, but I thought I'd limit it to 20. I don't think I'll do another post like this, but I felt like doing something different for a change. Anyways,