Saturday, 21 December 2013

Night Time, Day Time

oh boy, this Österbottni Tour has been so much fun!! We flew over here on thursday and were picked up by the airport and immediately driven to our first gig, I think we've  altogether had  five different concerts and performances, all in different cities, so we've been sitting in the car much, but anywayI think the pictures speak for themselves, but we've laughed and goofed around so much, done some christmas shopping and sightseeing and even written autographs haha, sung, made mistakes and EATEN a lot of food!!! and absolutely delicious food as well! We stayed at this small and wonderfully homy hotel, Astor (Vaasa), which has one of the best hotel breakfasts!! We've definitely not been starving on this trip. Now we're on the plane back to Helsinki where a car is waiting for us to drive us to Porvoo and then finally back home!! Can't wait to lie down in my own bed without worrying about writing any school stuff until like 2 in the night! yay! thank you for an amazing trip girls!!


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