Thursday, 19 December 2013

I Can Finally Breathe

Liikkeellä taas. WOOPWOOP. Feels absolutely amazing!! I had six different deadlines this week. six different. I mean I don't even understand how I managed to get everything done and on time.  It feels so good to understand what Nelson Mandela, may he rest in peace, meant when he said "It always seems impossible before it is done." and I know it's super lame that I'm comparing my pathetic school work to his amazing words but anyway it was absolutely horrible, I barely had any sleep, but damn it feels good now! Anyways, now my christmas vacation has begun and at the moment I'm at Helsinki-Vaantaa airport (an hour early), where I'm meeting some other Lucia people because we are flying to Vaasa today. Yay. And please before you judge this is my third visit ever at starbucks, so shh. I'm so looking forward to the holiday, to relax and sleep and eat chocolate! Cause my herkkulakko that I've had since August will end on christmas eve! And then it'll start again on new year's day, but yay I get to have chocolate! haha, I'm really looking forward to this trip and I hope it will be losts of fun, because up until now it's been so much fun and wonderfully rewarding. So stay tuned, because I have my canon with me, hehe


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