Thursday, 17 October 2013

I Will Wait

I'm going to do my best to bring my blog back to life now! This is what I've kind of been up to lately. Drove to sjundeå the other day and had some quality time with my bestfriend AND I watched #IMKona of course. It was so cool!! I so wanna do an Ironman one day! And because it was on Hawaii the timing here was not ideal, haha, we started watching at 19.00 and stopped when the first guy made it to the finnish line which meant at approx. at 04.00, hehe... Still I thought it was worth it! 


P.S. Yesterday I got a phone call and found out that I am one of the Lucia candidates this year! I'm so excited and so amazed!!! Super nervous and scared too though, but STILL, kind of makes up for all the times I never was chosen to be Lucia in middle school, haha, going to keep you posted on the situation!

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