Thursday, 17 October 2013

Higher Level Biology

We've actually had a couple of fieldtrips in Biology this autumn. It's been great fun! First we visited the Botanical Garden in Helsinki, where we had this treasure hunt kind of lab where we had to search for different plants, and me being as competitive as I am (wott?), of course our group won! and we won a jar of honey, but not just any jar of honey, it was honey from our biology teacher's bees, haha, super cute. Then the next week we had an all day outing in Nuuksio. I took the car and was gonna pick up my friends, but because of a crash the traffic was completely still. Like seriously. Not moving at all for ages. We did get to Solvalla eventually, but it took some time haha. The day was okay, cold but fun! We were just there to take samples to analyze and shit, I just realized how like super scientific and lame that sounded...haha.. Oh and this thing happened by this lake, I said imagine how funny it would be if someone fell into the water. and minutes after that I fell in a swamp and got my feet all wet. Talk about instant karma haha.


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