Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hello April, hello Soon to be Eighteen

Oh boy, I can't believe it's April. ALREADY. Time flies by so quickly and it's only like what 13 days 'til my birthday? damn. and what eight weeks of school left? I just want it to become warmer outside so I can go running without a jacket, haha. Oh yea, the pic, that's what came with the mail today! I'm soo excited and I really am training hard. Which me brings me back to that it's barely four weeks until the half marathon. which I by the way am really excited about too! I swear this spring is gonna be over before I know it and I have so much stuff to get done before that. Ugh I'm so tired at the moment, I'm so stupid, I barely slept over the easter break, haha, but right now I've gotta head out for my run.


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