Sunday, 14 April 2013

byebye SexySeventeen

As today is my last day as a child I feel obligated to say something to remember this day and the days to follow. You know how when you're sixteen and you talk about how being 18 must be like and you keep on waiting and waiting for the day to come when it's your turn, and how all the 18 year olds look so cool and independent (well some of them anyway, haha) well all of that, that's what I did. I've had endless discussions with my bestfriend about what we are going to do and that why can't it be that day already? Well tomorrow's the day with capital D. The day I finally turn 18. And let me just say that the time has gone by so fast! I mean I can't understand that it's all happening tomorrow! It's all very surreal, haha, but today we had the whole family over for pie and cake. I was sweating in the kitchen all Saturday to prepare for today. The lower pic is a pic of one of the cakes, I'm taking the other one to school because we have so much leftovers, haha. But after the party I went for a run, (big shock, hehe) I just came back home actually. Good way to mark my way into adulthood, so far I've completed week seven with my marathon training, still going strong. And the half marathon is in three weeks yay! But I guess that's all for now, I shall go to bed and try to stop dreading the beautiful picture that might emerge on my facebook wall tomorrow, haha


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