Sunday, 10 March 2013

even Angels have their Wicked Schemes

This week has been... different I guess, on top of the usual stress there was more stress and a bit more and I wasn't exactly the best friend either. All I am saying is that I am glad that I have such amazing friends, so when Friday finally came I was super glad and relieved! Even though everything has been upside down and rough lately I've still stuck to the marathon training program (yay!), but I have so little spare time that my runs are really late at night, haha. Anyway this weekend I had time to hangout with Karin and on Saturday we had a movie night with a couple of friends at Felix's house. It was fun except we saw the hobbit, and since I haven't really seen LOTR, the Hobbit was, um..., yes, anyway, we had a great time though! And yes I made that fabulous mudcake in the second pic ;) Today I'm gonna run and sleep because next week will be crazy again...AND I just remembered that I'm writing the YO kirjoitukset in Finnish in a week, scary shit, especially since my best friend asked me this week "miten sun Suomi on heikentyny niin paljon?" way to go, exactly the right thing to say, haha...


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