Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wanhat 2013

This really was an extra ordinary day. Wanhat is like the finnish prom. It's different from the American  prom, because it's not this big party (at least not at first hehe), we learn traditional dances like tango and the wiener valse and perform the dances for the whole school and then for our parents. We've had such a great time practising the dances throughout the whole fall, and I'm so sad our dance practising days are over, boohoo.

Well anyway the day for me started at 7.15 AM, that's when I had my hair dresser appointment in the city and then I rushed to my make up (which was late to my frustration!!!). Finally all set we (as in me and my step mom) were able to drive to school where I had to put on my dress. I was soo stressed that I forgot my camera in the car (!!!) but then Åsa and Karin showed up and calmed me down. All in all we danced three times (two times for the school and then one last time for all our parents) and my besties showed for the first show, after the dance we took a lot of photos and then suddenly we had to dance again. This time our break was a bit longer so we had time to take all the official portraits and order some food. Then everyone's parents started showing up and it was show time, one last time...It was so much fun, but OMG, Riina who was dancing in front of me hit her elbow really hard in my face in the middle of the tango, haha, but you know what they say the show must go on ;) After all the dancing we had time to get to know each others parents (which were adorable if you ask me!) and then our tilataksi came and picked us up. We had our Dinner&AfterParty at WanhaSatama which was a really nice place, our table was the best and the food was A-Amazing (foodgasm all the way, hehe). I always forget how much I enjoy dancing! I danced the whooole night and we had so much fun! Everyone had so much fun, I'm ALREADY looking forward to our penkkarit and our Abi risteily! We're such an amazing group of people, hehe, Mattliden's Fabulous!

They day was such a success, everyone looked amazing and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of it.



  1. oooh kan kanske hända att jag saknar liiite min egna gammeldans :p du hade en helt härlig klänning!

  2. Replies
    1. tack Karin!! :D
      hehe I must say that you've out did yourself with the photographs! Wasn't expecting noin hyvää matskua!