Tuesday, 15 January 2013

18 years

Last week was all about becoming legal! Two of my bestest friends turned 18. First Christine and then Crista, I can't believe you guys are so freaking old already, hehe... ;) we made cakes for them for (which, if I may say, were delicious) and on saturday we all went out and celebrated them at this cute little Italian restaurant on Tehtaankatu in Helsinki. The food was amazing, but that gorgeous tiramisu cake was seriously heaven on earth, foodgasm all the way! As for their gifts we got a sweet Thomas Sabo necklace for Crista and a divine new Guess wallet for Christine, they were both really happy about their gifts (I'm so glad I captured the moment on camera when they first saw what they got!) which was really nice. To add on those gifts we gave them each a huge frame that we filled with photos of us all. You guys are the first to turn 18 in our gang, so keep the flag held high! Tomorrow, is really exiting too, or at least fun, because I'm going to Stockholm! Haven't been there in a while so it'll be nice, och så får jag äntligen höra lite rikssvenska igen, haha..Gotta start packing!


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