Saturday, 1 December 2012

as the snow falls

As you can see I finally dragged out my camera again, no iPhone quality here no. Yesterday I met up with Karin and Åsa because we had our annual pikkujoulut! Though this year it wasn't too christmassy. We went to Maya where Åsa works and had dinner there, then we just went back to Åsa's and had a SATC marathon. We were exhausted! I had such a rough week and it seemed to go on forever!!! I'm so glad it's weekend! And the weather here... It's snowed non-stop for like two days and now we have like what 30 cm snow? It's soo cold! But his snow better not melt though, I hate when it goes and comes, because my shoes <3 I don't want them to get ruined, haha. Tomorrow I have to go to Turku because I have a handball game there so --> ROAD TRIP! so annoying though I'm not gonna go back and forth to lose! Well yeah, now we have a new period in school and soon we'll have christmas, so this is a fresh start! I want this christmas to be special! and I know it will, somehow, anyway


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