Monday, 31 December 2012

Året Som Gått

2012. Wow. I can't believe this amazing/awful/fabulous/emotional/gorgeous year is already gonna end tonight. So much has happened that has changed me. And it's just been a hell of a roller coster ride. But I guess I wouldn't change a thing about it either. So here is my compulsory-blog summary of this year that has passed: 


This winter, gosh I have a hard time remembering, but at least in February me and Karin put our warmests on and made our way to the Olympic Stadium to watch the Winter Classic. I was freezing my ass of here, but we were rewarded as IFK won and we had such a blast at the after party that was held in Apollo Live Club. But I guess nothing really worth remembering happened this winter... though I think we repainted my room this winter as well.


During the spring I finally turned 17 which was awesome. I had all my friends over to eat my delicious home made lasagne (which is the best lasagne in the world!!). Also me and Karin met Maria Montazami! She is such an adorable person and someone I look up to. Karin, my best friend, also turned 17 just six days after me. And then it was Vappu, which was loads of fun and then Åsa, Karin and I went on a cruise to Talinn and then we had a fabulous girls night dinner at Anna's house. AND I ran a half marathon!!!!  and then my handball team won the Finnish junior championship in Turku. All during the one and the same weekend (!!!). Then school FINALLY ended and we all got the Summer vacation we deserved. OH wait , Christine and Johanna had their red carpet party in Itä-H, almost forgot about that night...


This Summer I had my first "real" summer job at a hospital in downtown Helsinki, Laakson Sairaala, which was wonderful! A bit weird from time to time, but it was such an experience! Then with my well earned money I bought my very own Mac Book Pro. Juhannus I spent with my friends, first grilling at Anna together with Christine and Luca, then I went to this party in Sibbo where I met Alexandra. And then we ended up spending the following days at her Summer cottage. In July my family and I flew to Germany, because my Dad competed in the Frankfurt Ironman. This was an amazing journey and I loved it! I love Frankfurt! Then I worked at a camp for about a week, and then me and Karin took the train up to my summer cottage, and shortly after that, school started...but when my herkkulakko finally ended when we came to Germany I ate a lot of ice-cream... the whole summer (!!!)


This fall...This fall. I've loved and hated it. It's been so, so different but in a good way. Well, for starters I started in IB and the PreDP's started PreDP i.e. --> initiation! And Högsand!! which was so much fun! I ran the Helsinki Midnight Run, then I went to Norway, which was AMAZING, then I've just been chilling with my friends. I'm so thankful for you guys! Halloween passed with two different parties and Alexandra turned 17 and so did Riina. My brother got confirmated and we had our CAS camping day. And we celebrated the UN-day. Once again I have to say that I loved this autumn. It's really changed me and so have the people that have been involved. OH and I started my car theory lessons, on the way to get that license!

Winter aka December

oh my gosh, this is by far the longest post I've ever done, I apologise, but I guess this is more just December. And this past month has been so stressful and snowy and just all over the place. But we had konventen and our secret santa and IB christmas party and Robbe, Sonja and Titta all turned 17 so we celebrated that. just a lot of school stress... and our wanhat practises are getting really intense, thihi...

Thank you for this amazing year!




  2. Thank you Sissi <3 and OMG I can't believe you haven't been here!! Miss you soo much <3