Wednesday, 26 December 2012

a little taste of christmas eve

wow, I've needed this holiday more than I thought...And I must say that I was so lazy with the camera on christmas eve! I filmed more, so maybe I can pull together some sort of video at some point, we shall see. But we spent christmas eve together with the whole family at my aunts house and we had a wonderful time! We never get to see each other, that's why I love christmas, it's when our whole family gets together and eat great food, sing and have rich conversations. But most of all create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Today and I've just been super lazy and I saw 2012 not once but twice today, haha I know right, but I liked! The first time I saw it alone and then we decided to see it the whole family, it was a bit of change, because yesterday we just saw season two of solsidan! But yesterday I actually managed to be slightly athletic and I managed to go out for a 10K run in the snow storm! This next year I have to really pull it together with my running! note to self... BUT, tomorrow the sales hit the stores, WoopWoop!!


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