Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who I Am

I'm warning you. This post is long. Like it goes on for forever. And it's all about me. I've figured out that I want this blog to be a place I can come back to and see what I've been up to, sort of like a diary. So today I was inspired by my ex-classmate Janica's blog to make a post about who I am. All these photos are from And That's Who I Am, go check it out. So if you have the patience to read all of it, this is what I have figured out about who I am.

First of all, I just want to say that I'll probably never know who I am, 
but I'll always keep on finding out new stuff. Here are some of the stuff that I do know so far:
 Yupp I'm 180 cm, totally my dads fault.
Okey I'm a "runner", some day I'll be a real runner 
If I start eating I have a really hard time stopping. it's awful I know. but I still love ice-cream
This is more like I try to keep a diary, but I do it,  
and it's because I like to come back and read what I used to think about different stuff,
 like my friends and guys, it's hilarious to read! But also because I:
 OMG I love animals!!!
I can live without sauna and usually I do, but if the option isn't's weird
and I really want to see northern lights someday.
And even though it sometimes sucks to be a finn, I can say that I'm proud of where I come from.
 this is again a "photographer", someday I'll get better, hey I'm learning all the time!
I'd be fine with Stanford or something in England too ;)
Okey don't misunderstand me now, 
I like it because I have the most awesome classmates in the world!
 plus we don't even have to try, we always have a good time!
The next is the more worrying part:
haha I know right. I mean, I like it. if I get it. And yea I guess it's good since I have HL Math class and when I wanna feel smart, like right now;)
all  my friends know this about me, but I'm not like an obsessive perfectionist 
this is something I hate about myself, it's so annoying
my dad hates that :D
people keep on telling me not to shout... :D
this is truly one of my weaknesses I can get really defensive.
and omg this is so true:
except on my birthday when everyone sings for me, that's just awkward
it's ridiculous and they never come true, but I still do
and people hate me for that :D
I love that moment!
this is so true, I love laughing!
even though:
 but I still:
 sometimes it's a bit creepy, but I love it if someone else also remembers the tiniest stuff about me, makes me feel special and I like it so that's why I remember stuff
American, Australian, :D
But most of all:



  1. haha i've been thinking about doing one of these too, but it would be sooo long :D

    1. oh but you have to do it!! its so much fun! and you learn a lot about yourself :D, I had like originally 153 photos...and they i narrowed it down to these, and it'll be fun to read later on you know, just do it ;)