Thursday, 8 November 2012

Svenska Dagen på Svenska Teatern

This tuesday my dad, my stepmom and I finally went to see Kristina från Duvemåla! I'd been waiting for it for soo long! And everyone's been saying that it's really good, and seriously it was better. I. Loved. It. I loved their love story! But this funny thing happened when I came to the theatre. I came there after my dad and stepmom, so I went to the narikka and was gonna leave my coat there and this really cute and young guy took my coat. Then after I gave him my coat, I dashed off to find my dad. Totally unaware of the fact that I forgot to take my number slip for my coat! So during intermission, two hours later, I was standing by the door (where I had service, I'm such a teenager I know) and then he suddenly walks up to me and says hey I think you forgot this. I was shocked. How the hell did he remember me, anyways I just started laughing and thanked him. And then we bought the CD from him and I'm listening to my favourite from it right now, I also made everyone in our eco class listen to it, haha...thank godd its friday tomorrow!


"Det är tomt och kallt, när man delat allt och blir skilda åt."
- Kristina från Duvemåla 

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