Monday, 12 November 2012

M As In Monday

A beautiful fake smile right? haha, I was in such a rush this morning but I really wanted to show you that I actually made my hair today, yay. After my 4K morning jog! Not too bad right ;) After school today I had bilskola with Karin, these lessons are soo boring, I just sat there and tried to do some of my math homework, haha I'm gonna be such an amazing driver right? and right now? right now I have to study for my huge ass annoying biology test...there will be no sleep tonight! An okay start on this week, pretty great actually, hope it sticks!



  1. Ja ha en haaste ti dig i min blog :)!

    1. ooo najs :D haha vitsi kiva! ja ska göran den så snabbt som möjligt ;)