Monday, 26 November 2012

be your very best

this week in pictures. (dat iPhone 3 quality <3) OMG this week. Just saying. I'm soo glad its over! So I had the math test on monday and I scored 67%! And I'm actually happy and proud about that. And then car theory. Again. But I had fun with Karin and we hanged out after that. Then Tuesday was awful. AWFUL. Why? Because I had to do biology and study economics like crazy! I got like five and a half hours of sleep that night, and I even woke up one hour earlier to study some more, because I was clueless about the topics, like I didn't understand them at all. But I was determined to give it a go at least. (I survived thanks to the Israeli coffee, and gosh I feel so bad for all the drama going on there right now, especially the whole buss bomb got me all bummed) And I was so happy on Friday after my last test, which was chemistry by the way. OH! This week I even "had some time" for handball. I was at practise on friday for the first time in like what two weeks? Then after that me and Karin went out for a walk, I ended up walking something like 11K and ugh my legs actually hurt after that. And on top of that I have sexy bruises on my thighs from the handball... Well no can do. This saturday I had to work again but then I went to Anna's and we baked joulutorttuja and ginger bread <3 a little pikkujoulut, then Titta came over too and we had a skype date with Sissi and just today I had another handball game. We played against BK 46 and won like 31-20. So I was happy about that. But now I'm exhausted and I can't wait 'til December!


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