Friday, 16 November 2012

away from reality

So today was actually an awesome day! (finally!!!) I got up early 'cause I had an appointment in the city at 7.30AM... Fortunately, my stepmom drove me and we stopped by McDonalds and got ourselves some cappuccinos, and for those who know me they'll think this is really weird. Why? because I find it embarrassing to be in a McDonalds, but this morning it wasn't too bad because no one was there to witness it! haha, ridiculous right? Anyway after my awesome school day I left for this kids camp in Pernaaja and this is where I'll be spending my entire weekend, nice change to my normal life I guess, but since when are kids so loud!? They won't stop shouting! Haha, but it's adorable how they are so genuine about everthing. Tomorrow we're gonna play outside and do some artsy stuff, so yea we shall see. Oh and Awesome Melina completed the challenge already ;) Thumbs up!