Saturday, 17 November 2012

a rude awakening

I mean I have NEVER ever experienced this kind of awakening that I experienced this morning. I thought that since this was a kids camp we'd go to bed really early and wake up normally at nine AM. I thought soo wrong. This morning I woke up to girls shouting in the corridor "baila, baila, BAILA" at 4.47 AM... Why the hell were they awake before five in the morning!? (remember these girls are under the age of eleven...) and this continued until 8 AM, when it was time to leave for breakfast. Anyway we've been doing all kinds of art stuff and playing outdoors. I'm so happy that were leaving tomorrow morning, but when I get home I have to study math... BUT my dad's home from Israel and he's bought Nescafé! So something to look forward too. Hope you are having a better weekend than I am, haha,


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