Monday, 26 November 2012

be your very best

this week in pictures. (dat iPhone 3 quality <3) OMG this week. Just saying. I'm soo glad its over! So I had the math test on monday and I scored 67%! And I'm actually happy and proud about that. And then car theory. Again. But I had fun with Karin and we hanged out after that. Then Tuesday was awful. AWFUL. Why? Because I had to do biology and study economics like crazy! I got like five and a half hours of sleep that night, and I even woke up one hour earlier to study some more, because I was clueless about the topics, like I didn't understand them at all. But I was determined to give it a go at least. (I survived thanks to the Israeli coffee, and gosh I feel so bad for all the drama going on there right now, especially the whole buss bomb got me all bummed) And I was so happy on Friday after my last test, which was chemistry by the way. OH! This week I even "had some time" for handball. I was at practise on friday for the first time in like what two weeks? Then after that me and Karin went out for a walk, I ended up walking something like 11K and ugh my legs actually hurt after that. And on top of that I have sexy bruises on my thighs from the handball... Well no can do. This saturday I had to work again but then I went to Anna's and we baked joulutorttuja and ginger bread <3 a little pikkujoulut, then Titta came over too and we had a skype date with Sissi and just today I had another handball game. We played against BK 46 and won like 31-20. So I was happy about that. But now I'm exhausted and I can't wait 'til December!


Saturday, 17 November 2012

a rude awakening

I mean I have NEVER ever experienced this kind of awakening that I experienced this morning. I thought that since this was a kids camp we'd go to bed really early and wake up normally at nine AM. I thought soo wrong. This morning I woke up to girls shouting in the corridor "baila, baila, BAILA" at 4.47 AM... Why the hell were they awake before five in the morning!? (remember these girls are under the age of eleven...) and this continued until 8 AM, when it was time to leave for breakfast. Anyway we've been doing all kinds of art stuff and playing outdoors. I'm so happy that were leaving tomorrow morning, but when I get home I have to study math... BUT my dad's home from Israel and he's bought Nescafé! So something to look forward too. Hope you are having a better weekend than I am, haha,


Friday, 16 November 2012

away from reality

So today was actually an awesome day! (finally!!!) I got up early 'cause I had an appointment in the city at 7.30AM... Fortunately, my stepmom drove me and we stopped by McDonalds and got ourselves some cappuccinos, and for those who know me they'll think this is really weird. Why? because I find it embarrassing to be in a McDonalds, but this morning it wasn't too bad because no one was there to witness it! haha, ridiculous right? Anyway after my awesome school day I left for this kids camp in Pernaaja and this is where I'll be spending my entire weekend, nice change to my normal life I guess, but since when are kids so loud!? They won't stop shouting! Haha, but it's adorable how they are so genuine about everthing. Tomorrow we're gonna play outside and do some artsy stuff, so yea we shall see. Oh and Awesome Melina completed the challenge already ;) Thumbs up!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

challenge accepted!

My former classmate Janica who right now is an exchange student in Australia (!!!) gave me this following challenge and I love it! It's about me. Which is why it is awesome, haha, no just kidding, but yeah, this is what I have to do:
Tell eleven random things about yourself. Answer to the eleven things the person who tagged you made questions about. Make 11 questions for the people you are gonna tag. Then choose bloggers with under 200 readers and tag/challenge them. Notify them this by commenting on their blog. And finally, you cannot tag the person who challenged you!
Eleven Random Things About Me

1. I absolutely LOVE it when someone makes me feel special, when you show me that you appreciate me, that I matter. This can be little things like a text or a gesture. I like to do this to other people, because when people do it to me it makes my day!

2. I'm an optimist. Like I-see-the-glass-half-full-and-not-half-empty-type of optimist. But like I always like to cheer on and believe in the good. And the game is not over until the referee blows off the game. So I like to "kämpa ända tillslut" and I hate giving up. So sometimes my friends find this really annoying, because I just keep on being positive about everything. (As long as it doesn't concern my love life, because here I'm like the greatest pessimist on the planet)

3. I'm an IB student with four high levels. I'm proud! and I plan to survive this demanding part of my life, even though IB sometimes prepares me for stress that I will not experience anywhere else, haha..

4. STADI ON PUNAINEN! I'm a IFK fan and enjoy watching ice-hockey, not only for the view ;)

5. I love weddings. LOVE them! I love all the wedding shows, movies and when Victoria and Daniel of Sweden got married I watched the TV broadcast for 10 hours.

6. My friends mean the world to me! They pick me up when I'm down and make me laugh when I want to cry. What did I do to deserve you? I love them! 

7. I would die without laughter, I love to laugh, it's like the best thing ever, when you laugh till you cry and can't breathe and your stomach hurts like hell. I love it!

8. I don't want or need 350 million dollars. I think life revolves around more important things than money. However, this doesn't mean that I won't work at all. I'm just saying I don't need five houses and a jet to be happy.

9. My phone is an old iPhone 3G, which totally is an upgrade to my old crappy samsung phone

10. When I see a good movie or hear a good song I always see them and listen to them like over and over again the same day, until I'm bored with them. It's awful I know.

11. I hate it when people ignore messages or answer ok/okey/k/OK/okay, it's just annoying, please just put a smile or something instead!?

Eleven Questions

1. What's your favourite food?
My favourite food is definitely a damn good and hot lasagne! But if I go out, I tend to go for a caesar salad and that's never wrong either.

2. In what "form" do you like potato the most?
Haha, this question is so hilarious! But yea hmm... I don't know actually, I like mashed potatoes and potato gratin. Yea potato gratin's the best! So unhealthy, but whatever!

3. Three things you wanna do/see before you die
This is hard, because I wanna see everything, but three things I want to do before I die is run a full marathon, compete in an Ironman and finish, then fall in love. The three things I want to see before I die is the Eiffel tower, the Great Wall of China and the Sydney Opera house. haha funny right. The Eiffel towers definitely a must and the one that I really want to see!

4. If you could be whatever animal, what would it be and why?
öööh, probably a tiger because they are so beautiful and respected. 

5. What is your favourite dinosaur?
Haahaa, I don't know any dinosaurs, I'm not so insatt, but yea Tyrannosaurus Rex is the only one I know, so it's my favourite and it's the one from toy story!

6. Do you want to have kids when you are older, how many? (why)
When I was younger I wanted two because then it would be perfect you know, one girl one boy. But now I really don't know, but three or four definitely, then it's more fun and they have many siblings, so they won't be alone when I die. And yes I do want to have kids, because I want to see a mini me :D

7. Do you know what you wanna work as/at when you grow up?
Not really no. Everyone around me has started to talk about the universities they are going to apply to and I don't know where I wanna go. Like realistically. Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) is pretty far off, but still a dream, so is Harvard and Stanford...But I'm willing to work hard. Or at least I'm planning on that. But yeah, I'm leaving Finland that's for sure. And lately UK has been a pretty tempting choice. Anyway to the actual point...I want to be a doctor. I'm pretty sure I wanna be a doctor, because I wanna save lives and help people around me. You know pull my weight in this world. But one of the major reasons is also that I want to know what to do in an emergency situation. Like randomly if something happens on an airplane, in a restaurant or anything really. I want to be the girl who runs over and can say "Yes, I'm a doctor". Funny? maybe.

8. Which princess is your favourite from the Disney movies?
This is a hard one... I love the little mermaid, Ariel, but also Cinderella, but Mulan is so cool too when she saves China, and Pocahontas stands up for true love and Belle falls in love with the beauty within. I don't know I love all of them! And Anastasia too! But she's non disney.

9. What's 5-2/8x -(56-7)?
Pressure's on, my HL math skills are put to the test. So embarrassing if I get it wrong but I guess it's: -1/4x-44, but I don't know if the equation was supposed to be equal to zero, then the answer would be something else.

10. Do you have some kind of motto for life?
I have a few that I keep in mind, my dad used to tell me that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and my math teacher always says that the magic of life is hidden in details. And that I pretend to be small doesn't help the world. However, the best one and my absolute favourite one that I truly believe in is: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

11. What's the meaning of life?
To be happy.

all the photos are from

And then for my questions for you...

1. What country/which countries do you want to visit before you die?
2. Favourite christmas song, why?
3. Your weirdest/strangest habit?
4. What do you want the most right now?
5. Your favourite person in the world?
6. What can't you live without?
7. Your biggest celebrity crush ever?
8. What do you hope to achieve during your life?
9. What's your favourite outfit?
10. What are you thankful for?
11. What's the meaning of life?

And I challenge Sara, Sissi, Titta and Melina, I can't to wait to see if you actually do this :D hahaa


P.S. If you don't feel like doing it, do it! because it's really nice to read :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

M As In Monday

A beautiful fake smile right? haha, I was in such a rush this morning but I really wanted to show you that I actually made my hair today, yay. After my 4K morning jog! Not too bad right ;) After school today I had bilskola with Karin, these lessons are soo boring, I just sat there and tried to do some of my math homework, haha I'm gonna be such an amazing driver right? and right now? right now I have to study for my huge ass annoying biology test...there will be no sleep tonight! An okay start on this week, pretty great actually, hope it sticks!


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Svenska Dagen på Svenska Teatern

This tuesday my dad, my stepmom and I finally went to see Kristina från Duvemåla! I'd been waiting for it for soo long! And everyone's been saying that it's really good, and seriously it was better. I. Loved. It. I loved their love story! But this funny thing happened when I came to the theatre. I came there after my dad and stepmom, so I went to the narikka and was gonna leave my coat there and this really cute and young guy took my coat. Then after I gave him my coat, I dashed off to find my dad. Totally unaware of the fact that I forgot to take my number slip for my coat! So during intermission, two hours later, I was standing by the door (where I had service, I'm such a teenager I know) and then he suddenly walks up to me and says hey I think you forgot this. I was shocked. How the hell did he remember me, anyways I just started laughing and thanked him. And then we bought the CD from him and I'm listening to my favourite from it right now, I also made everyone in our eco class listen to it, haha...thank godd its friday tomorrow!


"Det är tomt och kallt, när man delat allt och blir skilda åt."
- Kristina från Duvemåla 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who I Am

I'm warning you. This post is long. Like it goes on for forever. And it's all about me. I've figured out that I want this blog to be a place I can come back to and see what I've been up to, sort of like a diary. So today I was inspired by my ex-classmate Janica's blog to make a post about who I am. All these photos are from And That's Who I Am, go check it out. So if you have the patience to read all of it, this is what I have figured out about who I am.

First of all, I just want to say that I'll probably never know who I am, 
but I'll always keep on finding out new stuff. Here are some of the stuff that I do know so far:
 Yupp I'm 180 cm, totally my dads fault.
Okey I'm a "runner", some day I'll be a real runner 
If I start eating I have a really hard time stopping. it's awful I know. but I still love ice-cream
This is more like I try to keep a diary, but I do it,  
and it's because I like to come back and read what I used to think about different stuff,
 like my friends and guys, it's hilarious to read! But also because I:
 OMG I love animals!!!
I can live without sauna and usually I do, but if the option isn't's weird
and I really want to see northern lights someday.
And even though it sometimes sucks to be a finn, I can say that I'm proud of where I come from.
 this is again a "photographer", someday I'll get better, hey I'm learning all the time!
I'd be fine with Stanford or something in England too ;)
Okey don't misunderstand me now, 
I like it because I have the most awesome classmates in the world!
 plus we don't even have to try, we always have a good time!
The next is the more worrying part:
haha I know right. I mean, I like it. if I get it. And yea I guess it's good since I have HL Math class and when I wanna feel smart, like right now;)
all  my friends know this about me, but I'm not like an obsessive perfectionist 
this is something I hate about myself, it's so annoying
my dad hates that :D
people keep on telling me not to shout... :D
this is truly one of my weaknesses I can get really defensive.
and omg this is so true:
except on my birthday when everyone sings for me, that's just awkward
it's ridiculous and they never come true, but I still do
and people hate me for that :D
I love that moment!
this is so true, I love laughing!
even though:
 but I still:
 sometimes it's a bit creepy, but I love it if someone else also remembers the tiniest stuff about me, makes me feel special and I like it so that's why I remember stuff
American, Australian, :D
But most of all: