Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hungry Hearts

Halloween vol.1 

This was saturday. I went to Johanna's Halloween Party and she'd really made an effort! Loads and loads of decorations, but the coolest thing was the dry ice in the drinks! And because it was halloween, it was a costume party. I went as a sexy secretary and it really was a fabulous night. I have this theory about saturday nights though. You can never say what you won't do because you know you just might. This weekend was awesome. It's one of those I'll look back and be like "yeah that was a good one", haha. Tomorrow's a big day! My first theory lesson about driving, like for getting my drivers licence. Super exited about that! And I can't believe I'm starting to get my license. wow. shit life goes fast. soon this little toddler will be cruising on the big roads! Now I have to do some last minute cramming for my math test tomorrow. Gotta love calculus, right? And guess what, I even managed to fit in a 10K run today. Feeling awesome or awesome?


"Where we go I don't care no. It's right now and we're right here. Under the streetlights, standing face to face. I'm loosing sense of time and space."

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