Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We Can Burn Brighter

Today and yesterday we spent a lot of time in the Archaeological museum of Stavanger, it was pretty small and yeah, well it was a museum. I guess it speaks for itself, right. Last night we had a volley ball tournament, just for fun. However, we are very competitive in our team (team FIN), especially me and Robbe. So when we lost two out of four games and didn't make it to the finals we took it pretty hard, haha... After that we had pizza in school, I had some free time after so I went out for a run. By the fjord. That's something you don't do everyday... 

Today at the Iron Age Farm I noticed that I had lost my phone, I had forgotten it in the handicap bathroom at the museum...yupp.. The farm had sheep by it, some of us were sort of afraid of them (känn dej träffad Robbe) so that was hilarious to witness. After we got my phone back, we went back to Stavanger and did some shopping. Also the lame and typical tourist shopping. 

I have to go to sleep now, because tomorrow we are climbing up Prekestolen! It's gonna be awesome and some of us are gonna try to come up in an hour. I can't wait!


P.S. Today me and Kine went to Robbe's host Anders and played some pool. I beat Robbe (!!!), just had to say it, so that it would be out there.


  1. You guys look like you are really enjoying your time! Im so jealous of you guys, and I bet climbing is going to be such a great experience and the views must be amazing! <3