Sunday, 23 September 2012

stable girls


I was shocked about the view here in Norway. I mean I knew it would be amazing, just not THIS amazing. It's so beautiful and it's literally everywhere. Today my host, Kine, took me out horse riding, so I felt exactly like the stable girls. After some serious time of brushing off horses, we went to her grandparents for a Norwegian traditional dinner. Which by the way was lamb and cabbage with potatoes. It was pretty okay. Basic scandinavian food. Her family is really nice and her two brothers are just adorable. The youngest one kept on singing gangnam style in the backseat on our way back home. So adorable right? Tomorrow the project starts and I get to meet up with everyone from Finland again. 


P.S. Norwegian isn't that hard to understand and I'm thinking of you cruisers ;)


  1. hahahahahah gangnam style, oli varmaa aika hauskaa :D and so good to hear et siel on jees !

    1. SUN ON PAKKO POISTAA TOI ROBOOTTI JUTTU!!!! taas meni jotai 5 minaa et sain kirjotettuu oikein !!!!!!!! ja nyt menee taas varmaa ku nyt lähetän tän.. fml .. et ei sen puoleen !!

    2. aika läppä! ja joo toi pikkupoika on niiin adorable!!! mä vaan repeen sen edessä!!! hehe pidä hauskaa koulus huomenna!