Saturday, 8 September 2012

last Saturday

© to Titta, she took all the photos :)

last Saturday I participated in the Helsinki Midnight, which is a fun run that's 10 km long. and when I signed up for it this summer I thought I'd be running intervals every now and then so I could 10 km a bit faster. Of course that didn't happen, haha, so when I on that rainy Saturday stood by the start I had little hopes on getting in under an hour. Especially since I hadn't eaten any normal food that day, due to my brother confirmation. However, it went really well, I've never run so fast for so long and when I crossed the finish line I believed my time would be around the hour. Little did I know,  that when we all girls came back to Titta's and checked my final time from the webpage, that I'd run 14 seconds too slow. 14 seconds. Who runs 14 seconds too slow? Apparently I do... 

So it bothered me a bit, having the final time of 1.00.14, but since the run in all other kinds of ways was a great run I wasn't upset or pissed about it, just irritated. And I had an AMAZING support system on the actual site, who stood there and cheered on me IN POURING RAIN, which I am extremely grateful for. On top of that my parents found the time to cheer on me too. Plus we had decided with Philip, a guy in my year, that he'd catch up with me and that we'd have a sprint competition the last 50 meters. and naturally he won. But I made a great effort, but in the end his track and field training gave him the pleasure of crossing the finish line before me.

As I crossed the finish line I noticed that it wasn't a big deal for me. Like, after the 10 km I felt nothing. Not any sense of accomplishment or anything. Because after the half-marathon in May I felt like I was dancing on clouds and this stream of adrenaline was pumping through my veins. So from now on I just have to run faster to get that addictive rush from 10 km.



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    1. haha tack Stefanie! men ja måst endå säga att de e ganska coolt att bara så där flytta till Spanien ;)