Thursday, 27 September 2012

don't wake me up

Kine took this awesome picture

seriously, if today was a dream, don't wake me up. I had such an amazing time today! And SO much fun! I woke up at six and we took the train into Stavanger and from there we took a ferry to the island where Preikestolen is. I really got to push myself today, because me and Robbe decided that we would hike up to Preikestolen under an hour. We started out with a bigger group, but at the rockiest/steepest part me and Robbe started to pull away. I really had to work hard to keep up with his pace! But even though it was hell, it was so awesome. We just kept on climbing higher and higher, and then we finally got there. Our final time was 58.14 min, so we made it! It was so amazing getting there and we made  it up before the rain came pouring down and made the view worse. And for real, this was such a workout! I was so sweaty. After today I'm just gonna laugh when we do high knees in handball practise, haha... Then we just chilled there and had some lunch and when the last people from our group came up, we started to head down, because we were freezing! We made it down in exactly one hour  and this time everything was super slippery. When we finally got down we just chilled there with everyone, and waited for the bus to take us home. I had SO much fun today. It was one of those unforgettable days. It was just so amazing being there. Today I learned that sometimes it really is about the journey and the destination, not either or, both. Today was amazing, I'm still not sure if it actually happened!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We Can Burn Brighter

Today and yesterday we spent a lot of time in the Archaeological museum of Stavanger, it was pretty small and yeah, well it was a museum. I guess it speaks for itself, right. Last night we had a volley ball tournament, just for fun. However, we are very competitive in our team (team FIN), especially me and Robbe. So when we lost two out of four games and didn't make it to the finals we took it pretty hard, haha... After that we had pizza in school, I had some free time after so I went out for a run. By the fjord. That's something you don't do everyday... 

Today at the Iron Age Farm I noticed that I had lost my phone, I had forgotten it in the handicap bathroom at the museum...yupp.. The farm had sheep by it, some of us were sort of afraid of them (känn dej träffad Robbe) so that was hilarious to witness. After we got my phone back, we went back to Stavanger and did some shopping. Also the lame and typical tourist shopping. 

I have to go to sleep now, because tomorrow we are climbing up Prekestolen! It's gonna be awesome and some of us are gonna try to come up in an hour. I can't wait!


P.S. Today me and Kine went to Robbe's host Anders and played some pool. I beat Robbe (!!!), just had to say it, so that it would be out there.

Do It LIke A Viking

Monday, 24 September 2012

so far away from real

wow so today was a long day. We started out with icebreakers and then we worked on our projects in different groups. I'm in the drama group. Naturally, because I'm such a dramaqueen. Just kidding, but no. After we did some work we went to Rimi and bought some small lunch and they wanted us to leave our bags outside the store. We weren't allowed to bring our handbags in, because they thought we would steel something or whatever. It was so weird. So I was just walking there with my camera and my wallet in my hand, didn't feel too good to leave my precious bag without my supervision... 

Around 3 we went around Stavanger for a city tour. Honestly, a bit boring, but the view, fantastic! We kept on walking around in the old city and around different places, meanwhile me and Crista kept on eating Norwegian chocolate. (Fazer is so much better though). After the tour we went to a café to celebrate Ricki's birthday a little and we had these norwegian bolle, basically pullaa. They eat it a lot here. Like my host mom baked some yesterday. They are really good too. 

Later we went back home by train. It takes about 20 minutes to get into Stavanger which isn't that bad. And the company's great, because we come together with Robbe and his host Anders. After dinner my host mom took me to Riska! it's this really small town or village. I should totally move there and go to the Riska school and play for the Riska handball team, it would be so hilarious.

I'm really exited about tomorrow because we get to plat volley ball and we are so gonna win! Me and Robbe have a whole plan worked out to beat the crap out of all the other countries, hehe... We like teh Norwegians, but the other people seem to be, quite special, if you know what I mean. Well we'll see what tomorrow brings!


P.S. I'm glad that everyone is still alive!