Thursday, 2 August 2012

What up? Today I had an appointment at the dentist and guess what? I didn't have a single hole! Yay! Yesterday was the first day I really watched the olympic games, it's so weird, usually I'm all over it, but this time I've haven't found the... hm... eagerness (is this even a word? :D) to watch it. yet, I haven't found the "eagerness" to follow it yet. and there's still time. Anyway, I got a little bored yesterday so I did some nail art. Here's a pic for you. 

The Union Jack

Oh, I'm so not in the mood to get into school stuff yet, but I have to start ordering my books soon. and by soon I think I mean today. shit. but tonight I'm gonna make pancakes for my family and tomorrow I'm spending the day with the gals. See ya!

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