Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What I brought home...

So believe it or not, I actually found some stuff yesterday when I went shopping. Big chocker right?

I found a dress from Mango for my brother's confirmation, which is coming up soon.
It may look really simple and boring, but it fits my body really well.
Normally I wouldn't wear a dress with this color, but it was pretty awesome,
I'll just find a gorgeous huge golden necklace and I should be done!

I really liked this top, it had some edge and I thought I can use it in the fall too. Oh and it's from GinaTricot.

Also from GinaTricot, it'll be good underneath the bone top.

And surprise, surprise another ring (YAY!) from Cubus. I found it on sale for only 1.95 €
I like it and I don't have too many golden rings. yet.


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    1. Thanks darling! ;) I always try to find a lot of rings during the summer sales, you can find fabulous rings for basically nothing, just a tip :)