Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Alec, swagman!
Meanwhile in high level math...
haha, cute faces!
Luca and Robbe

I had such a good day today. See, I felt a little bit down after yesterday and I didn't get too much sleep either, but this was nothing that my gals couldn't change! After school we went to Punanaamio and bought some interesting stuff for saturday night. I'll brief you on that later on, but it was great fun, we tried on all kinds of hats and stuff. Then we just hanged around in the city for a while, semi-shopping.  

Oh and Alec (the guy on the 1st photo) dropped by the school today! He's leaving for Italy on Monday and I'd be lying my head off if I said that I wasn't the slightest bit jealous. I'm really happy for him though, but now I'll be the only one in my year from Botby Högstadieskola. I guess I'll have to stand out then :)

I'm getting ready because I'm heading to the gym any minute now and run some errands (including buying stuff for högsand! woop woop!)



  1. OMG HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Remember me when you party ib-style ;) and finland looks awesome :) take care xoxo

    1. aww sissi!! We miss you so MUCH! its so not the same when aint there! and yess! we will think about you and gosh van I just say that the 80's party look AWESOME!! be good ;)