Sunday, 5 August 2012

sleepy sunday

John Mayer - In Your Atmosphere 

You know today has just been in some ways so relaxing. Yesterday I was out eating with my best friends (I'll post some kind of pics for you later) and we ended up at Åsa's place talking until the early sunlight showed up.

Anyhow, tonight I took a six kilometer run, and gosh I ran fast! (not to brag, it probably wasn't that fast, but it was fast for me) The sweat was just dripping, but I had a really hard time getting off my ass today. I was just SO tired after last night... But yeah, I also made some pancakes for, mostly my brothers, but for our whole family. And as you probably know, tonight's the 100 m sprint final in the Olympics! And I am not gonna miss it or the other track and field finals today, so I had my mac in the kitchen while I made the pancakes, desperate much? haha... 

I also put in two pics for you from the finnish archipelago that I like. The first one is from my summer place and the second one is from Lekholmen. Oh! and I almost forgot. The John Mayer song, I'm totally in love with it now, I've been playing it on replay all day!



  1. john mayer e bara så awesome! :)

    1. ja ha faktiskt inte lyssnat på honom så mycket, men dom låtar ja ha hört e bara så underbara! :)