Monday, 27 August 2012


Okay picture major party flop. Then double it. Because that's what happened on Saturday. I'll walk you through it. I went over to Anna's to get all ready and so on and before we could head off to the party in Espoo, we had to make a stop in Kruununhaka. Half way there, Anna noticed that she'd forgotten her wallet back home, but we didn't have any time to go get it, because we were already really late. But before we could with our buss we stopped by Café Picnic and had a salmon baguette, because we didn't have the time to eat anything before and you can't go partying on an empty stomach! 

When we finally sat on the bus on our way to the party Nikita called us and said that we can't come to Pakki's (where the party was), because his neighbors had threatened  to call the cops on us if they didn't leave immediately. Remember, it wasn't even 19.30 by now. So our brilliant solution was to move the party to a school yard not far from Pakki's place. There we tried to get it going, with a lap dance competition and some games that involved licking of whipped cream, hehe...

It was fun though, but we were loud and I was surprised that we were there for so long (2-3 hours) without anybody noticing, eventually the cops found us there. The really bad thing was that our girl group (Anna, Crista, Nikita, Titta and I (miss you Sissi!!)) was split up, because Titta and Anna went to the toilette.   So we had to grab their bags and I got all worked up on where Titta's bag was, because we couldn't find it. But Nikita remembered that her bag was in the car. And then everyone started to run. Almost everyone that is. The police told the ones that stayed that they had to clean up the space and leave. 

Meanwhile Nikita, Crista and I were walking across this wannabe field and poor Crista her shoes were all muddy afterwards. By now we decided to head back to the city with Anna, Crista and Nikita. By now it was like only after 22 PM... So sad, haha... Then we just hanged out for a bit in the city before we headed home. It was such a major flop, but I guess it's a funny story. I guess anything is possible on a Saturday night. 


  1. första bilden är helt awesome! :-)

  2. OH MY, so sad haha! ;) U pretty!


    1. hehe not funnyyy karzza, but actually it is! sulla on muuten vähän kieliä pelissä! impressive!! hehe...