Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm that star up in the sky

Shit! Now I'm really, really, really tired. I came back from Högsand today (which was awesome by the way) and when I came home I went to see Karin. First we ate this ridiculous good salmon that her mother had made for us. Then we ended up going to Itäkeskus and returned a school book that she didn't end up needing. Then we just ended up staying there chilling. And I tried frozen yogurt for the first time in my life. It was okay, better than I thought it would be. We ended up sitting there for a while just talking. I feel so awesome right now. And sometimes it just feels right to just chill and not like "pakosti" do anything. Plus tomorrow's when the real shit's going down, hehe...

To celebrate the awesome feeling slash evening we bought these super cute bracelets that are just fabulous. I looove mine, because I love the ocean and (almost) eveything about it! The anchor is adorable, it even ha a tiny little heat at the really top of it. Karin's is really cute too, it's like a twist of vintage and classic style. They are just gorgeous, THE bracelets. sweet dreams y'all!


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