Friday, 27 July 2012

Last weekends "get-away"...

... such a fail. Seriously, my best friend Karin Johanna Ingeborg and I, we took the train up to Vaasa (a small city on coast side) to get to my family's summer place. But guess what? I got sick, like sick with meds and stuff. So what was supposed to be a good chill-out-weekend turned into a sad-wannabe-hospital-weekend. But we made the best of it and it actually turned out to be at least a bit fun :)

Karin at the trainstation in Seinäjoki where we had to switch trains.
Later when we got onto the train, that guy you see in the background to the right,
asked if got any good pictures, we got caught of guard and laughed it off

My hair's finally started to grow longer! Jay!

My summer place is like in the middle of nowhere with no running water and the closest mini-market two kilometers away, which isn't that bad actually. Anyway, when we decide to get some chocolate we walked along the road and finally got there the place was closed, because it closed at 17.30 PM. By other means, no chocolate for me... 

You know that rule about not wearing Uggs in the summer?
Well yeah, rules are made for breaking right?
and technically I'm nit breaking any rules 'cause their fake
But even though the get-away from the city sort of failed because we fell sick, it was a bit refreshing. I'm not really an outdoor person or a nature person, but I sometimes I enjoy getting away from everything. Plus our place is right by the sea and I love the sea so it's nice to breathe in fresh air...

I bought this bikini this summer from Cubus,
but I sort of regret it because I chose between two
and I think I chose the wrong one...

...and to swim. Well, we had to. Because of the no-water-problem we have at our place we have to wash ourselves in either the sauna or in the sea. and we did both actually. and played with the camera a bit :) and I'm just saying that water is not warm Mediterranean-water, but freezing finnish cold water with small not so pretty fish in it. again, just saying.

Karin and I on the train home
Well, all good things must come to an end so eventually we jumped on the train heading home. And now there's less than three weeks of holiday left. I'm so gonna enjoy every second of it!

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