Sunday, 29 July 2012


This picture is from my summer place last week.

Yesterday I was having a bit of motivation trouble with my working out/losing weight thingie. You know those bad days that just appear from out of nowhere and you just feel down. Yesterday was just like that. But somehow I shook it off, because at 21.14 I went out on a 55 min run. It just hit me that I really need this for myself and how much I want this for myself. Jay me!

I haven't really written about it here in my blog yet but I promised that this blog would be real so I want to share my results in this blog and perhaps I'll get support from it. Today this morning I was all pepped and I went out on a 10 km run. It's really weird weather right now, hot and sticky (hot for Finland), so I brought water with me, but not enough. Remember to cover your head and drink a lot of water when you run, because if you don't it will be a lot harder. You'll get headaches and wanna puke. not fun.

I'm gonna try and stay motivated now. Shouldn't be a problem because of the Olympics going on right now. I fell asleep watching the opening ceremony! One moment Honduras was marching in and the next moment the fire was lit... I was super tired!

This pic is from the opening ceremony this week
My goal right now is to run the Helsinki City Marathon 2013. That's the dream. And I so want to fight for it. This may I ran my first half marathon, which took 2h 19min 23 sec. I was proud. It's no great time, but it's still good. Better than my dad's first time and my stepmom's first time ;) So right now I'm training for the Helsinki Midnight Run. It's this 10 km race at night time. So I'm excited. It's a more for fun thing than a serious thing. Some of my friends are also gonna participate and plus i get CAS for it.

Now I just have to stay motivated!

So now that I've written this here, I better do it too!