Monday, 30 July 2012

Greetings from India!

So as you know I went to this party/chill out thing to my friends place yesterday and it was great! I met up with my gals from school and we haven't seen each other like all summer! Because we've all been so busy, with all kinds of trips and jobs so it was really awesome to meet up with everyone again. Except one girl from our group wasn't there because she's in the Big A right now as an exchange student, you can check out her blog here: Looking Up, it's really good!

So I saw Nikita yesterday who gave me this gorgeous ring all the way from India! She's been there for five weeks this summer! Yeah I know right, I'm so jealous too ;) So now I have one more ring added to my collection. Yay!

I've actually been looking at metallic rings and owl ones so Thank you so much Nikita!! But otherwise today I've mostly been chillin' in my pajamas watching movies. More specifically; Life As We Know It (josh Duhamel: really good looking and Katherine Heigl is such a good actress) and Footloose (the new, haha I'm just listening to the soundtrack all the time). And now I just got back from a 6 km run, so at least I did something good today right?

I managed to get off my ass in the end ;)

I just had to share this song with you guys, it's playing in my head all the time!


  1. OMG MICHELLE U HAVE A BLOG?! why didnt i know :O well this is awesome amazing good :D miss ya already!! xoxo

    1. aaw I miss you too!! it's so weird that you're not her!! and yeah, I just started out ;D