Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Germany day 2

On Friday the 6th of July it was time for the huge pasta party! We took the U-bahn to the arena through the city. In Frankfurt they have these poles with two buttons, one SOS button and one INFO button. Of course my little 12-year old brother thought that nothing would happen if he pushed the INFO button. Suddenly a voice starting speaking from the pole asking if we needed any help, in german of course. and my brother turned bright red as a tomato! I was laughing so bad! And when he said, "excuse me it was a mistake",a recorded voice starting speaking. Finally, when we arrived to the arena it was filled with good looking triathletes that were busy eating pasta. So we joined them and after a couple hours of socializing we went back to our hotel. 

Right now I'm still at the camp with the lovely teens and waiting for the floating shop that's late.

The bracelet that we needed to get in.

Outside the arena.

The inside.

My sallad

Dad's pasta plate

Raise your glass!

German beer

Me outside the U-bahn station


Have a great day!

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