Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back to Reality...

So I'm finally back on Finnish ground again after a few days in Germany (which I WILL post about (promise!) day by day, unfortunately I couldn't do it in Frankfurt because I left my computer in Finland) 

Anyway our plane landed safely in Helsinki at 2 AM and when we finally got home I immediately had to start packing for my next trip. You see right now I'm not really in Helsinki City anymore, I'm on a small island called Lekholmen. I'm working here at this camp as a so called help leader and it's loads of fun. BUT, I only got two hours of sleep last night so I'm not really on the top of my game.

I have to go and work now but I'll give you something to hold on to from Germany.

Our first day by the river looking for a place to lunch


Oh it's on!

We even had time to stop by by the Zoo

The Old City in Frankfurt, where we enjoyed a lovely traditional german meal, but dinner was filled with drama... 

Then we had some last minute shopping and stopped by the Goethe-Strasse (the 5th avenue of Frankfurt am Main)

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